How to prepare your artwork for engraving

Getting your artwork ready for engraving couldn't be simpler... just follow the instructions below or give us a shout if you get stuck.


Bright Light EngravingSTEP 1

Decide what wording you'd like engraved and the material you'd like to engrave on - many of our products come ready to engrave, but if you have any special requirements or ideas for products you'd like get in touch and we'll endeavour to make it happen!


Do you have a logo or any artwork you want engraved? If so, send us a black & white JPG of the artwork and we'll do the rest. Not sure if it'll work? Then just get in touch.


Put your order in either by phoning the number at the top of this page, sending us an email message through the website or by making an order on our Etsy shop. Easy!

Got a question? Get in touch